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about the project

Paul Lowe, editor-in-chief at Sweet Paul Magazine, needed a new website. In early 2012, he and Paul Vitale came to us with the idea of creating an extensive site. Working in tandem with designer Travis Ward, we used his designs as a jumping off point and created a new website to showcase the stunning work that Paul Lowe and his team produce on a weekly basis.


"Everyone is loving the new site, so happy with it!"

—Paul Lowe, Editor-in-Chief

Responsively coded.

From day one, we built the website to work on all devices, from desktops to mobile phones. This ensured Sweet Paul's devoted users are rewarded with a great browsing experience no matter what device they use to view the site. Whether in the comfort of their living room or one road, Sweet Paul's website is just a click away.

From humble beginnings

In 2007, Paul Lowe setup a small blog on the Typepad platform that quickly grew into a huge sensation. Combining his love for recipes and crafts, the blog gave him a simple platform to show some of his latest work and to share his recipes with readers. Five years later, Paul had simply outgrown the capabilities of his Typepad blog and needed a more modern and powerful website. That's where we stepped in to help.

From design to website

Once designer Travis Ward had handed over design specifications of the new website, we quickly began development. Taking Travis' designs, we expanded on his overall approach and designed various features into the website that allowed users to discover content based on filters and content already on the page.

We developed a sophisticated categorization algorithm that shows users similar items to the current item they're looking at.

The content management system includes an integrated Customer Record Management system to help manage messages, subscriptions, and secure zones.

We created a simple front-end interface allowing the Sweet Paul team to easily add, edit, or delete content. This increases overall productivity and allows even basic users to powerfully manage content.

With integrated email newsletters, administrators interact with the website from one unified admin panel.